31 października 2008

Żary/ Lubomyśl - Wszystkich Świętych

Sesja z Zuzią.

Na imieninach babci Ireny. Trzej bracia taty, wujek Tadek, Roman i Janusz.

23 października 2008

Piłkarze GÓRNIKA ZABRZE w SP nr 17

Na zaproszenie szkoły SP nr 17 i dobrej współpracy z kuzynem Bartkiem :))) szkołę odwiedzili piłkarze zabrzańskiego GÓRNIKA - Przemysław Pitry i Piotr Madejski.

01 października 2008

Time to say goodbay...

Dear Beata,

I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving - but happy that you have the opportunity to learn and develop. 
It's so important to keep growing and learn.

I have been grateful for your way of handling our orders and I have often felt like the most important (and biggest) customer at Opinion. Even though both you and I know, we are far from that ;-)
You have always been professional and helpful towards correcting mistakes/errors - whether it's been mine or yours.
Your patience is gold - especially in our case, where we act as an intermediate  between the final client and Opinion.

De bedste hilsner/Best regards
Pia M.

Hello Beata. 
I wish you all the best in your new job, and will thank you for the good job you have been doing for us at B. AS.
You have really been a very good ambassador for Opinion.
Please take good care of your new college and teach her well, so she can be as good as you (this will not be easy !?) 
Wish you all the best.
Ole G. H.

Hello Beata.
Thank you for the information and the good and professional relation we have had.
I wish you good luck in your new job.
Thanks for the cooperation and good luck !
Med vennlig hilsen 
Kjell K.

I wish you all the luck in your new work! Thank you for working with us, it was also a pleasure to know you.
Enjoy life!
Stefaan S.

Hi Beata,

I'm very sorry to hear that, but also understandable if you can meet
the challenge.

It has been a pleasure to work with you and i am looking forward to
hear from you in your new compagny.

Kind regards,

I wish you all good things in life, and know there is more than just work, family and friends!
My children and wife are my hapiness.
Enjoy your day.

Dear Beate, I wish you all the luck with your new job and It will be a difficult job for ... to follow you and your good work, but we will take care of her.

Hi Beata

Sorry that I didn't wrote to you earlier...
I would like to wise you all my luck with your new job and thank you
for the pleasant phone calls we had - sad that I never went to visit you at Opinion.

Hope to keep in touch.

Venlig hilsen / Kind Regards
Michael H.

Thanks for your email :) im sad that you are movining but i also understand you, everything have a time limit !

All the best for you in the future